Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Slick Realtor? We Offered, He Fudged the DOM

Hello, love your input & realistic wake-up for some.
Question- we put in an offer on a home that had been sitting close to a year. As soon as our offer was received the agent relisted the house and days on market went to 1 (both DOM-P/M)! It looked like a brand new listing with new remarks - the whole deal! Of course, it generated folks. They waited to respond & got a better offer. Slick Realtor? Shouldn't they be fined for these kind of plays? I would love to report the Realtor - if it were true that they messed with MLS data to get property refreshed.
Possible? If helpful... [address here]


Hey Sally,
Were you using a buyer agent? If not, that was your first problem.
Remember, the Listing agent represents the SELLER, not you.
Actually I looked up the listing. He did what I call "legal & fatfree fudge". The DOMP actually did NOT reset. So they were completely ok with what they did.

Also the agent did a great job sitting on your offer. Agents LOW low offers since you can use them to entice other offers. They don't owe you any obligation, they are allowed to use your offer to inspire other offers. Actually I always have said that it takes 2 buyers to sell a place. Regardless of it being week 1 or year 2.

Best of luck. And yes, for others that want to file a compliance complaint, that can be done easily, just email me.

Written by Frank Borges LL0SA- Broker
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Anonymous said...

frankly brilliant - thanks.



Lisa Jones said...

appreciated the personal touch Susan provided. She is very professional and communicated with meduring the 11 month process. In other words, I didn't have to call her; she stayed in touch with me through emails, text, phone calls, Facebook and face-to-face..
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